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Smartlabs exclusive products.

  • SempreSicuri
  • CrossRoom
  • Electo
SempreSicuri, wereable smart-button.
SempreSicuri is an innovative security service which can be used in several different contexts (personal safety, workplace safety, remote healthcare …); it is based on user-friendly wearable technology.
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SempreSicuri is able to:
-    act quickly thanks to an easy click on a handy wearable button;
-    send requests to a 24h service center or submit the alert to a prefigured list of users authorized to initiate on-field actions.

This service is SaaS based. Its system is composed on:
wearable smart-button that can detect three kinds of events: click, double click, hold, connected to mobile via Bluetooth;
mobile app to manage actions, dispatch communications and interact with the platform
innovative and flexible IT architecture; 
24 h service centre.
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CrossRoom, real-time cross-media platform 
CrossRoom® is a cross-media platform that can interact in ‘near’ real-time with on and offline news and any type of data stream to analyse, process and generate multimedia contents, to support professional and corporate communication structures.
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Processing concerns:
Real-time analysis of the digital context related to user’s online presence, activities, behaviour and reputation; 
Production of customized contents related to user’s profile and interests, and their distribution on social media platforms;
Permanent measuring of key performance to monitor and verify Sentiment Indicators and social trends.
CrossRoom: analyse, process, create. 
CrossRoom allows to achieve the objectives of any marketing campaign in a certain and measurable way.

The platform can cooperate with corporate marketing and communication structures, integrating their communication and relational potentialities, and can provide an efficient and unique support solution to companies that don’t have any marketing department.
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Electo, making your election campaign easier.
Electo is a multiplatform system for politics and election campaign management.
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Available on mobile, tablet and PC (windows, iOS, Android),
Electo can simplify user’s political activity using (taking advantage of) Artificial Intelligence to:  
Coordinate your team through a workflow engine able to schedule tasks of every staff associate;
Take care of the constituency generating a network of activists and supporters through unified sharing on social media;
Optimize traditional communications (press office) and online communications (web, social).
Service Centre
Electo is not only an innovative tool. It also has a service centre for activities related to political practice: from traditional spin doctors, press officers, PR and copywriters, to more technical professionals such as lawyers, graphic designers, administratives, image experts etc.
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